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Ċ̶̲͇̈́̌ų̵̩̌̑r̸͍̂̿ṡ̶̘̤̦e̶̩͂̌̽d̶̲̮̜̊̋ ̴̞̻̿̐̀͜T̷̖̜͚̀̕ę̵̻̜̈́́͠x̶̭͔͘͝t̶̰̠̀̕

Cursed Text Generator 🥴 makes creepy/glitched/hacked/void text. Free to copy and paste to beautify your Instagram, Twitter, FB, WA, or Discord profile! This is C̷̮͌u̴̥̍ȑ̵̟s̷̰̀ė̸̼d̸͇́ ̶̯̅T̷̗͗ẹ̴̀x̴̬͐t̷͈̿ looks like.

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Cursed Text Generator

About: Zalgo Text Generator

Cursed Text Generator is A free online text generator copy & paste that helps you to converts your ordinary text into messy-looking text, corrupted text, glitch text, dstorted text, creepy text, glitched text, or void text.

The creation of cursed text involves the utilization of combining Unicode characters, resulting in text that is deformed and difficult to type using a standard keyboard. As a result, writing cursed text using a keyboard is not a straightforward task.

The use of Cursed aka Zalgo text has gained significant popularity within the online memes community, particularly within the realm of surreal memes.

Cursed text generator, much like the Zalgo text generator (also know as creepy/glitched/hacked/void text), allows you to create glitchy or distorted text by randomly combining nonspacing Unicode letters above and below your normal text. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the level of distortion using the Crazyness level changer. This feature gives users the ability to modify the appearance of their text in real-time.

Messy text is typically difficult to read on various platforms and applications; however, you can still enjoy it effortlessly on Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp chat without encountering any problems.